Upcoming Events

Title:First-year Seminar Faculty Workshop
Time:12:00pm - 5:00pm
Presenter:Christiane Donahue
Campus:Institute for Writing and Rhetoric
Registration:Registration is required for this event.

Date, Time, and Location TBD. Likely Wednesday, Nov. 14 or Thursday Nov. 15 during reading period.

Please sign up and we will poll those signed up to determine a date.

While this small-group workshop will address issues common to all first-year seminar faculty, it will be customized to consider in particular those issues that are most relevant to participants' upcoming seminars. Our discussions might therefore include matters like assignment design, responding to student papers, designing research instruction, incorporating peer review into the writing classroom, or any other matter of interest to the participants. Although this workshop is designed for faculty new to the FYS program, experienced faculty are also welcome, in particular faculty offering a new version of a seminar, or coming back after a few years not teaching a seminar. Refreshments will be served. Sponsored by the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric.